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Liar by Default. Pt. I

[this is extremely rough]

sitting in the cold cell, i wondered how long i'd been there. i didn't bother stepping on the stone floor and looking out the narrow window at the clock on the wall. pointless.

i wrapped my arms around my legs, which were drawn to my chest when the Large Man entered. 
"C'mon. We have someone who wants to talk to you.", he grunted.
my puffy red eyes met the flourescent lighting of the lobby and i winced, like an uncaged animal.

leading me down a narrow hallway of blinding lights, automatic locks, and grim looking prisoners, he said nothing. not that i exactly expected the Large Man to stoop to the level of talking to a beast.

there was a small hall that opened into the central hall, where the control center was for the automatic locks on all the doors resided. adjacent to the control station, there was a little room with one way glass windows. no one saw in, but from the inside, you could see the white world of Formica and degenerates clad in orange.

the Large Man grunted in the direction of the room adjacent to the control station. he opened the door for me with his keys and pushed me in, lightly. there were two state police officers sitting at the table. what the hell had i done now?

"Ms. Wright, will you sit, please?" Bald Man on the right asked me.

i didnt answer him, instead i sat looking at neither of them. Bearded Man on the left began:

"we understand that you were raped." 

he said it in such a blunt, insensitive way it stung me in the face. i didn't answer him, just letting him continue as i knew he would. [these governmental types never shut it...]

"so can you tell us what happened?" Bald Man said, studying my face.

"why?" i said. i didn't think it was necessary. i was incarcerated, he couldn't get to me. i don't see why they even cared, that was until, i realized the sick unfolding of the events.

"because, we have to try to catch the man." he said. he didn't say anything to the effect of, to help you, or, you're not in trouble.

"explain to us what happened exactly." Bearded Man said.

"there was a movie. i went to see it. afterwards, my ride wasn't there. wouldn't be there. but there was a white van..." 

"a van? do you remember a plate number?" Bald Man asked. through this whole myriad of events, i sat mesmerized, looking at my peers. a seeming funeral procession, when they were only making the pilgramage to lunch.

"why the hell would i look at plates? do you think a prostitute?" i was losing my cool. 

"well, it's possible..." Bald Man said. i knew where this was going.

"i want to leave. i don't have to talk to you. you're not here to help." i said. i tried to get up, even with my hands cuffed. the next few events happened in a blur. 

i was restrained. apparently, my movements alarmed or threatened the policemen. my arms were twisted tightly around my back and for that split second, it all came back.

the hispanic man. the cramped van, in gasping sobs, i pleaded for escape.

"tell us what happened. now." he sat me down in the chair, but now i really didn't want to talk to the men in blue.

"there was a van. and this man, made me get in it." i said, in a frantic rush. i wanted out of there.

"did he have a face?" the Bald Man smirked at the Bearded Man. 

"no! i mean, yes. i didn't see him." 

"so, you're saying you might have not even gotten into the van?"

"no. im saying, i didn't see his face! he made me get into his van. he drove to a vacant part of the parking lot! im serious! he did things to me!" i stood up, only to be seated again when i realized i was putting these precious cops in danger.

"if we pulled the videos from the surveillance cameras in the vacant lot, would that van be there?"

"yes! of course! what are you saying?"

"honestly, i think you're lying. i think you're telling us this to get out of jail. you think you can work the system any way you want, well let me tell you something, little girl," with that, Bald Man got in my face, the smell of spearmint sickening, "if we pull the tapes and there is no van, we will charge you. you'll never see the light of day. again."

[im stuck. no more for tonight]

Writer's Block: I Left My Heart in...

What do you love about where you live?

Well, alot of people whine about this place.
And I must admit, I'd like to be able to access larger places but I have to say...
I like rural Kentucky, though.
It has a nice charm to it.
I think my hometown is so full of culture when alot of people think it's
boring and there's nothing to do.
I think alot of teenagers or people around my age have problems
with their imaginations and being able to entertain themselves.
I mean,
they all need their cellphones, or a mall.
Or internet.
There is no way for them to honestly go out and just sit. Take in
nature and all it has to offer.

It's sad that the worlds came to this.
Someday, when we're all cramped in stuffy cubicles working
our asses off for a boss we never see,
we'll wish we appreciated it more.

Writer's Block: Define Cheater

A cheater is obviously someone who doesn't play by the rules. 
When rules are set in a game or otherwise, people are supposed to follow them. When they don't, they are called a "cheater".
But, you know...I'm not totally exempt from this term.  

In relationships, I don't necessarily think that the person doing the cheating is the only cheater.
I think the person who is having the relationship, knowingly, is also a cheater.
Of course, there are cases when you really have no clue.
You don't know anything about the person,
One night stands,
That jazz.

Yeah. I've been a cheat-ee. Which basically means...
I knew someone was with someone and I "talked" to them anyway.

Sue me.

well, this week has been interesting to say the least.
i always used to think that
people were good at heart but as of late,
my patience is wearing thin.

there are just certain people who can say
what they want and do what they want
to get what they want and i honestly think
that they'll keep doing it all their lives.
you know, psychopaths start out young.

something that bothers the hell out of me is,
yes, we're getting way off topic here... ]
when i look at my classmates and even
people who are much older than me...
it seems all they're concerned with is
their trendy hair and stupid concerts.
and then you see people who are 20, 21, 22
who STILL act like that.
dont get me wrong...
im not ranting or bitching.
im just concerned because im going
to have to live in a world
controlled by these fucking beasts.

want to know what i think?
i think we're all heading straight for--
i was going to say the apocolypse.
but thats a fairy tale.
[too good to be true...? maybe.]
i think we're just heading for some kind of world war in which, 
you know.
everything dies.
i don't know...
im at a lack of spiffy words. so,
thats about it.
we're all going to die.
thats just the fucking bottom line.